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  • Translation in the Age of Corona

    October 24, 2020

    The impact of the coronavirus has also been felt at Alpha. Since in general translators, for the most part, usually work from home we were already familiar with this type of work, so it was not such an abrupt change for our industry. Our project management team, on the other hand, usually sits together at the office, and now had to get used to being at home—and to chatting and video conferencing.

    The content of our translations has also changed: many customers are not active for the time being—and many are in home offices themselves or even on short-term work. Luckily, we’ve received new types of translation jobs, for example, warnings and instructions from companies about how to deal with the new situation, so that we still had enough work.

    For example, we translated tips for parents for learning at home into English, Turkish, Arabic and also into “easy language”. The latter is normally subjected to an additional practical test, but this was not possible at the end of March, so the authorities allowed the writing in “easy language” without testing (with an appropriate note).

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