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  • The voice of cleanliness—An Audio-Localisation Project in 14 languages

    August 30, 2019

    Like for many other translation agencies, the written word is our bread and butter. But that’s not all we sustain ourselves on. A recent example was when we carried out the production of audio files for a world-renowned robot vacuum-cleaner company in 14 languages. We began by translating the speech commands into the 14 languages, and then native speakers of the of languages recorded the audio commands in our state-of-the-art sound studio. Thanks to our technology which specializes in sound mixing and audio sequencing, the commands were able to be finished up in excellent quality just in time to show up in thousands of households: our voice of cleanliness. The robot vacuum-cleaners can be controlled without too much effort and answer your questions or give you notice of problems, all with a human touch—and a nice accent.

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