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  • Marketing Translations – TRANSCREATION

    Transcreation is synonymous with marketing translation. This specialised art of translation requires a particular knack for stylistic redesign. Translating marketing content requires both high quality and effectiveness, and therefore a distinct level of expertise in regard to a standard translation.

    Transcreation enables us to meet the specific demands of marketing translation service.

    Transcreation is …

      • … a combination of ‘translation’ and ‘creation.’
      • … significantly more diverse than standard translating. It guarantees that the core message of the text is retained, while at the same time adapting the style and language flow to the target audience and language.
      • … a process which ensures that texts of multinational clients are received just as professionally and convincingly as in the source language.

    Marketing Translations – Our services for you

    Our experienced translation experts recreate the texts in their respective native languages. They comprehend the specialised terminology and idioms which stands out in their stylistic competence. In this way, even the finest linguistic nuances are respected and utilised perfectly.

    We will also happily prepare your text according to SEO standards (search engine optimised).

    CEO, An Stuyven, is an expert in marketing translation, coordinating projects and offering additional complimentary advice. She has spoken on the topic of marketing translation at Germany’s largest translation conference.


    Generally, copywriting refers to the creation of promotional advertisement texts with the goal of convincing the reader, listener, or audience of a product or idea.

    Copywriters …

    • … are often referred to as writers or advertising writers.
    • … write creative texts, which influence the audience’s opinion of a product or service and helps to promoting sales.
    • … must not only have a creative flair, but also work with a new subject matter in-depth and must often extensively research the client’s industry.
    • … try to identify the ‘perfect client.’ They analyse and pinpoint what influences them when shopping.

    Copywriting – Our services for you

    We have an international network of copywriters who can craft specialised marketing messages for your company. A translation template is not the most useful foundation for creative writing, but rather a text briefing from which the copywriter can create the corresponding text.

    “If you want to influence other people, you must speak to them in their language.” Kurt Tucholsky

    Transcreation makes it possible to evoke the same reaction in different languages and cultures. This is something that a classic translation cannot accomplish.

    A personal contact person in-house will coordinate your project in the desired language and will be happy to advise you throughout the process. Let us convince you with a nonbinding quote!


    During this briefing, queries relating to the content and design will be clarified.
    What information is important for you?
    What message should be delivered?
    What style of language should the focus be on?
    Informative or emotive?

    What we offer:

    • Test translation up to 300 words free of charge
    • marketing translation in more than 60 languages
    • 30 years’ experience
    • Efficient and flexible – express translations
    • Terminology work
    • DTP processing and layout